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Cook County Court Record Access: offers customers on-line access to summaries of  Cook County, Illinois
case information and the court call for five Cook County divisions (MD, SD, LD, DR, and CH).
The information includes the parties, attorneys who have appeared in the case, the case type,
the filing date, the amount of damages sought, the division and district, and the most current court date
including room or calendar and time. They are searchable by litigant name or case number. 

Notification Features:

Information is many times the key to success and instant information is key to getting ahead
of the game's email notification is sure to give you a winning position. 
  • Attorney Tracking

  • Track all future court settings for a specific attorney.

  • Case Monitoring

  • Monitor changes in pending court cases. 

  • Name Tracking

  • Receive notification if a tracked name appears as a party in new case filings. 

  • Personalized Calendar

  • View future court settings for a specific attorney in a customized, graphical calendar format.

Cook County Illinois Information Contained in :

All currently active cases are maintained in the Cook County Illinois system.
Currently has the following information available on line:

Civil Divisions (MD, SD)

Chancery Division (CH)

Domestic Relations Division (DR)

Law Division (LD)