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Password, your provider of FREE case monitoring for attorneys (in partnership
with Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County) for the last 4 years,
is now offering several new services to Cook County attorneys and court system users.


DETAILED SUMMARIES OF COURT CASE RECORDS now provides unlimited access to detailed summaries of case records for Law,
Civil, Chancery and Domestic Relations, AND Criminal Convictions.  This information is
similar to the information found on the Clerk’s Public Access Terminals located in courthouses.



Attorney Tracker – email notification anytime a matter in which your attorney code appears
is set for court.  You can also set reminder emails.  Each email notification contains a link to instantly
insert the setting into your personal “Outlook” calendar.

Don’t risk missing a court setting – Let and your computer help you remember!


BLACK LINE ALERT email notification anytime a matter in which your attorney code appears

is assigned to the BLACK LINE pool, its sequence within the BLACK LINE pool changes, or it is

assigned to “Above the BLACK LINE” status.


Online Attorney Calendar – consolidates all of your court settings on one
calendar which you can view from any computer (at work, at home, on-the-road).
Contains link to detailed case summary of case. Updated daily.

Keeping track of your busy litigation schedule just got easier!


Name Tracker – create continuous tracking of any name and will notify
you by email when that name appears as a party in a new case.

Know about new lawsuits before your client does! ENHANCED SERVICES PACKAGE now available:


  • Unlimited Detailed Summaries Access
  • Attorney Tracker for one attorney
  • BLACK LINE ALERT Email notification for one attorney
  • Online Attorney Calendar


Only $19.95  per month*




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Case Monitoring remains a FREE service available to all Cook County attorneys.  Cases may be setup at the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s website or at  Case monitoring provides email notification any time a change is made to the court’s case summary.



* 19.95 charge applies to accounts set up with attorney codes which are assigned to an individual attorney.  If your attorney code is assigned to the entire firm, then the monthly cost of service is $29.95.  With a firm code, we are unable to designate multiple email addresses for notification.  All charges must be billed to an approved credit card.


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Contact us for more information, or visit our website:


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